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How To Remove Curses For Free

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I get so frustrated when first time clients come to me saying they had such a bad experience with a psychic who charged them a huge amount of money to remove curses. They were left feeling worse than before and with their bank accounts drained. Let me be clear, I DON’T BELIEVE THERE ARE CURSES.

Anyone who is a believer of the law of attraction has heard you are what your thoughts are. So if you believe there is a curse bestowed on you or your family (or someone has convinced you of this), and that is all you can think about this can interfere with how you live life.

I’m going to give you 5 tips for how you can remove this feeling of “curse” for yourself without having to pay anyone to do it.

Meditation – I meditate daily, and listen to positive affirmations on YouTube and other places to help set me up for the day. I am a firm believer (and research is starting to show this as well) that if you meditate and can get to a place where you can quiet your mind and stop those racing thoughts you can see life more clearly for what it is and find solutions to problems. There are many resources on how to meditate and I think just starting this process will help you feel better in your life and remove feelings of being cursed.

Prayer – Prayer is usually associated with organized religion, but I don’t think it has to be. I think prayer can be done by anyone in any religion – or for those not associated with a religion at all. Whether you pray to Allah, Jesus, the universe, or something else entirely I think it all goes to the same place. The point is there is strength in the energy of prayer and it doesn’t need to be done in a specific place or at a specific time. Whenever needed, get into a safe and comfortable place and pray. Ask for help and guidance, and assert the fact that you are doing the best you can. This simple act alone can provide such comfort and help banish and fears of curses you might have.

Read – Read positive material often. This can be spiritual, this can be empowering, this can even just be funny, but do read good books or articles that make you feel good about yourself. There is light out there in the darkness but if you seek out the darkness you’ll just find more darkness. Reading positive uplifting articles about how to harness your intuition for the better or how to live your life better all these things lead to a better life, and help you focus on the good in your life.

Write:  Writing is a deeply spiritual act, and when you write something down it makes it more permanent in ours brain. We know this from many of us writing or typing notes in school to retain information. So write down what you fear this “curse” has done to you. Write down why you think it’s true, and then be your own devil’s advocate and write down how you can see it isn’t true. In my experience I have heard the curse is usually said to have started by someone in one’s social circle (usually a jealous best friend, an older woman, etc.) who has cursed them and that is why things in their life aren’t good – as if this person can stop the good flowing to you. The funny thing I find is when I tell a client this isn’t true and they believe that this might not be true the idea of this “curse” automatically lifts for some odd reason. So challenge this and write down how this curse is not true and ask what else logically could be happening? Could you maybe just be in a tough time? Maybe there are other lessons you aren’t learning? Maybe you’re not putting enough effort into a certain area of your life?

Ritual: Why not remove this curse yourself? There are many free resources on the internet for removing curses that involve lighting candles on a clear full moon night, and repeating certain words or phrases. Why can’t you remove the feeling from yourself, after all it is just a feeling? We are all energy and love and light so the person who claims to be able to remove the curse from you has no more power than you. So why not give yourself that power back.

What all these tips are really illustrating is that you control your energy and you have the power to allow who and what affects you. You do this by your thoughts, when you feel good good things happens, and you can handle anything that isn’t so great. When you feel bad and powerless you can be susceptible to the will of others who might not have the best intentions. The choice is yours.

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