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How To Get Over An Ex by Understanding The Connection


A lot of my clients come to me to do a psychic reading for them after a breakup with an ex. I will say each situation is different and I work with my clients to help see the right solution for the situation and what they need to do to move forward in their lives. However, one thing that usually is always present is understanding what that connection to the ex is all about and what you need in your soul to help you move forward from it.

In my experience much of the time of why we can’t get over an ex is because we haven’t done the work to process the event spiritually in ourselves and so it’s left unfinished because we don’t understand what the connection was for and what it truly meant. Below I’ve listed the best ways I have been able to help my clients understand their ex-connection to their soul and life’s path and how I have been able to help them move forward.

Twin Flame Connection – If you don’t know what this is you can go to my podcast HERE to hear more, but a lot of the time exes are part of a twin flame connection. This really is a connection where you each agreed on a soul-level to come to earth together to help each other in your spiritual development. Twin flame connections are also the hardest to process and overcome because they are so intense in nature. With twin flame connections often times when my clients understand the connection it helps them to move forward with it knowing now what it is.

Soul Mate Connection – Soul mates can come in different forms and they aren’t always lovers (they can be friends or family soul mate connections as well). The soul mate connection is less intense and it’s almost a reason or a season for why it happens. Usually soul mates come into your life to help you with a certain aspect of your life and once their job is done, you both can fall out of unison or fall out of relationship. Breaking up or having an ex that is a soul mate connection will hurt and be painful but it also helps you to move forward as you will have learned something more or bigger than yourself than you knew before. These painful endings are easier to move through because of the purpose of the union in the first place.

Self-Love Connection – Every connection you make with someone is really a mirror to who you are as a person. So with some exes they really are there to show us patterns in ourselves that we need to break to help us truly love ourselves. For example if you find you are attracting the same type of person over and over again just in a different body (for example unavailable individuals, or narcissistic people, etc.) then the trick to understanding this connection is for you to go inward and do some inner work, even go as far back as childhood and you’ll be able to see what might be the triggers or the reasons for why you find yourself attracted to this type of connection. This will also help you heal the pattern so you can break the pattern to attract healthier people to you.

There is a ton of information out there that will let you know the types of things you can do to get over the breakup, things like journaling, exercising, talking with trusted friends, etc. All these things are truly helpful but I think it all starts with understanding the type of connection you have with this person and then that can help you move forward to then processing it once and for all to learn how to attract more healthy partners as you move forward in your life.

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