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How To Be Patient

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We’re always told that we must have patience, but no one really tells us what that actually means? Or how do we actually do that? Having patience means that you are able to know what you want, and have clear sight of it, but also be able to live in the moment happy and content knowing it is coming your way – or something better will.

So how do we effectively become patient? Below are 5 tips I give my clients during readings to help aid in their journey towards patience.

Knowing Why – Knowing why you want something helps with placing the importance if it in your life. Why you want something can really help shed light on if the thing you want is truly what you need, or is the thing you want just a cover up for something bigger? Examining the reason why you want something can sometimes help unearth the reason behind the way and this is very important. Knowing the why can help with being patience because it allows you to know what you are waiting for and why it is important to you giving you purpose towards it.

Placing Action – Some people think that having patience is sitting around waiting for the thing they want to come to them. They don’t put effort or action towards what they want and instead wait around and feel like if it’s meant to happen it will. Patience works with those who do action. Your job is to figure out if there is anything you can do to make the situation better, if there is do that. Then you can be patient and content knowing you did what you could.

Listen – We all have a great intuition inside of us, just some of us practice listening to it more than others. Patience is practicing this intuition guidance and following. When you are patient and listen to your “gut” instinct, great things can happen. Your intuition leads you in the right direction, so if you are patient with yourself and follow the instincts you have and trust them, through time this will pay off helping you be more patient with yourself.

Trial and Error – Patience can help when you must do something over and over again till you get it right. Patience can be used when you’re trying to master a new skill, or a new mindset. It is the believe in the fact that your effort will pay off. No matter how many times something doesn’t work, being patient and trying it again in a new way or mastering a new skill will help develop you. Having patience will help with this.

Trust – Everything comes to you at the right moment. The universe has got your back, and there are so many things coming to you. Everything happens for you not to you, and if we can keep this key element in mind, patience is easy to have. We know it is our job to wake up every day, try to be better, learn something, help someone, and have fun, and the rest will be taken care of. This attitude alone can significantly help towards patience.

I hope you have found this writing helpful. It is hard to have patience, know what to do with it, and know how to use it to help you. If you still have questions about your life and goals I would be happy to read for you and help you figure out your next life steps.





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