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Spiritualism and the idea of psychic readers have always seemed to have some form of forbidden quality to them. Like many other things in life this grows from not understand what a psychic and intuitive reader is actual for and how you can apply the readings they give you to your life.

We are so fortunate that many more souls on this earth are taking the time to learn about intuitives and readers and view them not as a scary source of fearful information, but instead as a great source of comfort and guidance.

I equate the work that I do similar to that of a life coach, psychologist, and psychic reader all in one. Many readers like myself take the time to work with our guides regularly to be able to understand human and soul interaction. We are always looking for the human motivators in our clients and what in their soul can be holding them back from achieving what they want. That being said having a strong connection with spirit allows us to give information to our clients to help them validate things for themselves so they can move forward to happier and healthier life choices.

I have asked several of my regular clients to help me put together a short list of how they use psychic readings to help guide their lives and how it might help you in yours:

Similar To A Therapist – While I will go on record and say I am not a licensed therapist many of my clients use me as a tool similar to how they would a therapist. For my readings with clients I am able to help them accurately assess what are the major life problems they are facing right now (by using spirit not by what my clients tell me) and then I can help guide them to the areas they must focus on. If there is need for medical or psychologist consultation I will tell me clients to seek this. However, in many cases these clients say they find my readings helpful as many of the issues in life they are facing are not crisis but more so insecurities that are stopping them from moving forward.

Major Decisions – My clients will usually book a reading with me when major life decisions are in play and they need another opinion. I always say life is fluid, and not static and everyone should and always retain free will. Nothing is set in stone and the information I am provided at the moment can always change based on my client’s actions. I will never make a major life decision for my client this is not my job, but I will inform them of all the information surrounding as such so they can make an informed decision themselves. My clients find this helpful as it allows them to get another source of perspective on a situation they area dealing with.

Regular Tune-Up – I do have clients that receive regular maintenance readings from me. The benefit they receive is the ability to gain information on situations they are currently facing, while also being able to have a long-term view of what might be on the horizon for them. They never rely on me to tell them what to do, or wait for my readings to make decisions, instead they use it again as one tool in their toolbox to be able to help make informed decisions about their own lives. Moreover, many of my clients have mentioned that since having regular readings with me they have improved their intuition on their own, and much of the information I give them is what they internally felt themselves, I love when clients reach this level.

It is my goal that psychic and intuitive readers be treated with the same level of respect as anyone else in the helping professions. Those that are genuine and truly feel it is their purpose on this earth to help people do so with all their heart, and see the results from their clients. If you are curious as to a reading any reputable reader should offer a free mini-reading (I do) which can help someone access if they feel comfortable with the reader and would like to move forward with a full reading. I encourage everyone to try a mini-reading from a intuitive reader or psychic so they can experience the healing nature my clients report back to me.  

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