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How Prayer Can Transform Your Life


We’re all familiar with prayer in practice. Most people usually feel prayer has a religious connotation where you sit by your bedside on your knees, hands together, and speak out loud for things you want, or negative situations in your life you’d like fixed. However, prayer is actually more than just asking for what you want, prayer helps clarify what you want out of life, and what direction you want your life to go. Whether you are religious or spiritual you can still use prayer as a positive force in your life to help transform it for the better.

Below, we will list the benefits of prayer, and how you can use these benefits to help transform your life.

The Power of Prayer – We’ve heard it all before, how powerful prayer can be. No matter what religion you follow, as long as you believe in a universal power out there – prayer can be powerful for you. The idea of prayer helps you to believe in something bigger than yourself, something bigger than the life you are just living in this moment, and the power to know that there is a great big universe out there conspiring to help you and give you everything you want. So when you pray you draw strength from this powerful force and use this inner strength to transform it to action to improve your life.

How To Pray – Some of you might think there is only one way to pray, sitting down by your bedside. hands clasped. Others might think you can only pray on a certain day or time of day in a religious structure. The good news is prayer can take any form you’d like, and can be done any day you’d like, anywhere you’d like. Some people like to use guided meditation as a way to pray. Others like to prayer right before bed as they lay in bed and close their eyes, asking the universe for what they would like solved in their lives. The mere act of communicating with the universe helps you to clarify your own life and your own desires, defining what is important to you.

Benefits of Prayer – Most people feel that if prayer is to work, it should work immediately, this is not always the case. Like most things in life, patience makes perfect, and practicing prayer regularly can bring the benefits you are looking for. So to be able to reap the full benefits of prayer, the goal is routine. Find a routine of prayer that works for you. Whether you do this in the daytime early in the morning, or at night right before bed. If you can do this regularly every day, you’ll start to see the benefits over time. You will start to see opportunities come into your life. This might come in the form of new ideas that take hold in your mind that you didn’t think of before. Or others will come into your life to help you get further with the goal or problem you are seeking fulfill with prayer. As they say prayer works in mysterious ways. So it isn’t your job to figure out the how, just pray for solutions and guidance and follow the impulses of this guidance when you feel it. 

At the end of the day, prayer should make you feel good. It is done for the benefit of making you feel good first and foremost. The other benefits you’ll receive from prayer is the ability to think and solve problems with inspired action that you will be inspired to take after prayer. So try it out, find the best way to pray for yourself and see the benefits take hold.

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