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Our bodies have two responses fight or flight, we all know these are biologically wired in us and our ancestors especially during times when there were more physical threats around us that could have caused our loss of life. The problem is now that we are relatively safe, the fight or flight response can get a little confused and put us into panic mode when we either receive some information we don’t like from our spouse or when we are in a work meeting and it isn’t going the way we would have hoped.

My clients sometimes seek guidance from me during these times asking for emergency readings, I don’t accommodate these requests.  For one the energy is never in a good place  and two when you are in this panic mode any information that would be received would more than likely not be able to be acted upon in a healthy manner. Instead I give my clients some panic pointers to help them settle, then request they come back to me at a later date when all the panic energy subsides. Below are my panic pointers you can use to to settle nervous and panic energy.

Don’t Try To Think Your Way Out Of It – Immediately when we are confronted with information that puts our back up or are in a panic situation (that is not life-threatening just more emotionally confusing than anything) we always want to try to reason our way out of it. We think that if we could just think smarter, better, or faster we can get the proper answer to the situation. This is actually the worst time to try and find solutions. Instead you have to let your emotions settle and come out of it better on the other side. The best way to do this is try to relax the energy you are feeling and get back to a calm place first for a few days or even a week, then you’ll see your thoughts automatically will be clearly and more formed.

It Doesn’t Happen To You But For You – Most people think that when things don’t go well they are being punished. But instead if you look at most of the events that happen in your life that cause panic and worry chances are at the end of the tunnel on the other side they lead to something so much better that you yourself couldn’t have anticipated. So try to remind yourself that things will be clearer soon and you’ll end up better than where you are now if you can learn from the situation and move forward from it.

Forgive Yourself – We always think that we should be better, or have done things better, or that it is our fault. What we need to realize is everything is a learning situation, and we are doing the best we can with what we have and we are meant to learn along the way. Forgiving yourself for feeling panic and not performing perfectly is actually a good step to move forward as you’ll again see negative energy lift and start to bring back those positive vibes. We are here to learn as humans not be perfect robots despite what society tells us, and as long as you try to act from a place of love always you can do no wrong.

When a client sees me next after the energy of panic has settled the reading is usually even a better one than is expected because a lot of the problems they saw before are usually handled with time, and then the information received is given to the client in a way and a time that they can fully use the benefit of it.

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