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5 Ways To Improve Your Intuition

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We all have it, that pit in our stomach that tells us when things are off. Maybe it’s a tingling sensation in your body that lets you know you’re not doing something right (even if you do it anyway). I have seen and heard countless stories of this as a psychic tarot card reader reading for my clients, and I can tell you everyone has this intuitive instinct however, some people are better practiced at connecting with it than others.

I’m going to share with you 5 tried and true tips I have given to my clients to help them strengthen their intuitive muscle so they are able to keep themselves safe and make better life decisions.

Body – It starts by you getting to know your body. Know what your body feels like when at rest and relaxed, when you’re stressed, when you’re angry, etc. When you know what your body is like you’ll be able to start to tell when things are off or different, and this can help you to hone in on the situations where your body feels different sensations, this is the first step to building your intuition. Try this as an exercise, use your index finger as a pointer for “yes” and “no” answers, relax your body, and tell yourself you’re going to ask a question and if the answer is “yes” your finger will move if the answer is “no” it won’t. Now, ask yourself a question you know the answer to, and wait till you feel almost like an electrical pulse move your finger. Again, you need to be in a relaxed state for this to happen, and it might require some practice, but when you do this you’ll immediately note how powerful intuition runs through you and what is out there for you.

Breathe and Meditation – Breathing is not only important for us to live (we all know this), but it’s important to help us connect with our source energy. When you’re sitting and breathing in a mindful way, you’re really connecting to the time and space of where you are, and you’re allowing yourself to pay attention to thoughts you might normally have waived away. Some people have a tough time sitting in a cross-legged position and meditating, and that is okay, but you can be mindful and breathe in any position, and this is what meditation essentially is, connecting to self and source. You’re allowing yourself to connect with things unseen and you’re building that skills set so you can use it when you’re not in the breathe state. Next time you’re in a relaxed state, where you’re focused on breathe use this time to connect with your guides ask your spirit guides to come forward and shower you with light and love energy from the universe, see how you feel before and after, and note any differences in your day or how you handle situations that come up. Chances are, if you’re anything like my clients after I have them do this exercise they feel light and confident and that helps them make more intuitive and better decisions.

Ask For Signs From The Universe – We can all connect to our intuition and our spirit guides, you just have to ask for it. Start with something small and ask to be shown a particular sign. Then go about your day and see what happens or what you are doing or feeling when this particular sign asked shows up. What you’re doing here is working with your intuition and spirit to help you see with almost another pair of eyes. Your intuitive eyes you might never have used before, but now you’ll start to find they get sharper and more clear as you continue to practice. Another exercise you can try is to start to journal the first thing that comes to mind (no editing here, even if you think it doesn’t make sense). Ask a question, and wait for the universe to answer, the idea is to get comfortable feeling these vibrations and listening to them with confidence as you follow your instincts.

Listen – This seems to always be the most important and hardest thing for my clients to be able to do. You need to be able to listen and trust yourself. When I first started to use my psychic gift to give readings to others, I always felt like I was making up the information, like I was just imagining it. Turns out nothing could have been further from the truth. Time after time my clients kept validating the things I was seeing and information I was giving to them, and I saw how much value it provided to their lives, and all I had to do was just listen to the information that was being given to me. So again, start small ask a question or for a sign, and wait and listen for the answer. This requires patience, it isn’t going to come about right away, but when you see the sign or get the answer you’ll know. You’ll feel the yes inside of you and the validation that it’s right.

Building your intuition takes time, just like any other skills set. Like many skills some of us are more naturally adept to it than others, but that doesn’t mean we all don’t share that light inside of us. The universe wants to connect with you and wants you to use your intuition, it’s your job to help by gaining the clarity you need to feel this inside of you and follow it with trust, love, and light.

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